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DCCNM History and Mission

Mission of DCCNM is dedicated to the development, growth & education of our Deaf NM community and sharing our  Culture with our allies. 

DCCNM's goal is to Provide Accessible & Affordable Housing to Deaf, Deaf-Blind, & Hard-of-Hearing New Mexicans.

It all started.....

In 1994 during a Town Hall meeting in Albuquerque, NM where the Deaf community was searching for solutions to the disproportionate level of access for Deaf individuals to housing, entertainment and employment.  The idea of a Deaf Culture Center emerged. The idea was that it would be a place to have events, to have affordable housing, even to have jobs available. It would offer a Deaf friendly place created by and for Deaf New Mexican's.  It would be a space designed by Deaf people who know what they need to have access the way they intended.  Not an adapted perspective of Hearing culture to "fit" the Deaf.  This was real Deaf Power, called New Mexico Deaf Community Empowerment Process. 

Since the idea of a Deaf Culture Center seemed a good idea for a name, the group decided to adopt the name of DCC.


From 1994 to the present, the DCC group hosted dinner fundraising events, potluck dinners, and holiday events. 

Year after year the DCC came together monthly, to host events with the goal of raising enough money for the dream of creating a Deaf Culture Center.  

In 2008 DCC became was approved as an official 501(c)3 organization.  

DCC has grown to include Deaf community members from all over New Mexico.  The name was modified to be more inclusive to represent all of New Mexico.  DCC is known as "DCCNM" The Deaf Culture Center of New Mexico.  The name honors all who have given their time, creative thinking, hearts and dollars to make this dream become a reality. 

All this was done in part by a handful of Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, Deaf-Blind, and Hearing allies who formed a DCC Focus Group with the main project being called the DCC Building Project and to fundraise to make the project a reality.

The Goal of the DCC Building Project:

Fundraising needed to satisfy the necessary amount to purchase land and build a Deaf community center/apartments for Deaf Citizens, Hard-of-Hearing, Deaf-Blind and Deaf people with other disabilities.

In 2010 DCCNM was introduced to Cardinal Capital Management who are renowned for building and organizing communities who have specific disability needs, such as Autism, Disabled Vets,Deaf and Hard of Hearing. They have been instrumental in bringing DCCNM one step closer to the dream.


In 2017 DCCNM's dream building was given a name. This name was selected from a list of community generated names that were then voted on by all participating NM residents. The building is now known as The Yucca Canyon Apartment.  The name was chosen to honor our NM State flower, the Yucca, which is also represented in the DCCNM logo and the Canyon was to honor the Canyon that runs through our city of Albuquerque NE heights location.


Stay tuned for updated information. 

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Supporting Organizations:

The following organizations have been a tremendous support for DCCNM in their endeavor toword their dream for our NM community (listed in alphabetical order)